Sara began his studies at the IED Milano School of Design, pursuing a career in Product Design and at the same time working at the  “Studio e ricerche di Architettura Del Vecchio” side by side with her father. She lived most of her youth in the city of Milan, capital of the Design and Fashion, and, at the age of 24 she decided to move to the city of Barcelona, where she finished her studies taking a Master in interior renovation at the BAU Barcelona Design School. In the meantime she collaborates with a few Exhibit Design companies  such as PROJECTA (Barcelona and Argentina), GL EVENTS (France) and PRO-EXPO (Barcelona) and projects personalized private spaces until deciding to start a new path and create SARA DEL VECCHIO DESIGN STUDIO in 2013. Thanks to this breadth and a variety of cultural and aesthetic influences, SARA DEL VECCHIO obtains as a result a characteristic look that incorporates the classic craftsmanship of Barcelona with the Glamor and modernity of Italian Design.